DMAi 2012

Meet Subhakar Rao in the DMAi'S 2012 Convention Mumbai, India.

Event Details:

August 1st - 4th, 2012 Time : 9:00 am - 6:00 pm

Event Venue:

The Leela, Sahar
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

DMAi Convention is the event where the hottest Direct Marketing Strategies and Trends are discussed. This event provides best platform for all the delegates with the ideas, practices and techniques that would help the organizations and the individuals to reach the goals and mission of the organization. The Convention DMAi'S is taking place at The Leela Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

The President of the Champions Group Subhakar Rao will be discussing about: Marketing Outsourcing: India's Next Multi Billon Dollar Engagement Mantra on Aug 2 at 5:30 PM - 6:00 PM. Marketing outsourcing is a kind of communication through which the employees and the business organizations will find out the different ways and the needs that can satisfy the products and services. Through out the event the participants will learn the different ways of marketing outsourcing through which they can gain benefits, along with solutions that embody the Measurable Digital Marketing programmes and the On demand Marketing groups on Rent. The participants will also learn and gain ideas on the Buzz Marketing and Reputation Management, The Rise of Social Media and Many more.

Gain and Learn More from the Marketing Leader Subhakar Rao at DMAi'S Convention 2012

Subhakar Rao is the Chairman of the Champions Group Bangalore. Subhakar Rao through out this event represents his views and ideas on the Marketing Outsourcing: India's Next Multi Billion Dollars Engagement Mantra at The Leela Mumbai, Maharashtra, India on August 2nd 5:30 PM. Marketing Outsourcing being a huge field offers the organizations with all kinds of advanced marketing strategies through which the clients can attain better results in the activities they are doing. This event attendees will gain the knowledge about how to get better results through marketing outsourcing and the Advanced techniques of Digital Marketing. They could also learn and gain more knowledge in B2B marketing and its effectiveness, The Rise of Social Media and many more.

DMAi'S 2012 Convention Speakers List

  1. Jodie Sangster
  2. Ajay Chandwani
  3. Gulshan Verma
  4. Robbie Hills
  5. Luisa Mazinter
  6. Andreas Vollmer
  7. Chandos Quill
  8. Vatsal Asher
  9. Ramesh Iyengar
  10. Vatsal Asher
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